First and Thirty

Buck Buchanan

The Game of Sales

​​Nixon was president. The Vietnam War was raging and the civil rights movement was in full swing. Everything in America seemed to be changing and the kids were right in the middle of it. 

Of course, teenagers still did what they’ve always done. They attended high school, went out on dates, worked summer jobs, and drank beer. Many also played sports. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, it had been 30 years since City High had defeated Central High in football. 

First and Thirty follows the lives of the City football players and their friends as they undergo the trials and tribulations of being in high school during these tumultuous years, while attempting to beat their arch-rivals on the gridiron. 

On a cold night in November 1970, the maroon-clad seniors of City’s Dynamo football team took the field one last time, carrying the indelible lessons that Head Coach Bobby Davis had instilled in them. Would this be the game that would break the spell Central had held over them?

​​​The Game of Sales delves deeply into the business-to-business environment of sales reps and sales managers and the impact that corporate structures can have on the work of sales teams. 

It's not a theoretical or academic view of sales. The techniques, examples, and advice in this book are based on the real-world experiences of people who have worked day in and day out as sales professionals. 

The Game of Sales also uses sports to illustrate a number of key points about sales and business. Why sports? Both sales and sports are about competing. Thus, there are numerous direct and indirect comparisons. For example, in sports, the most gifted, best trained, and hardest working athletes generally win. And in most cases, the same holds true for sales professionals. 

But sales is only one part of the overall company team. As in sports, everyone on the team needs to work together to win. This book helps you understand the team dynamics, the position sales plays in the starting lineup, and how you as a rep or manager are instrumental in helping the team win the games of sales. 

Professional athletes work on their trade every year during the preseason so why not sales teams? Well, some do but most don’t. This book will take the sales group back to spring training where they can work on improving their skills. The Game of Sales offers many fundamental tips on how to manage a sales team as well as how to become a successful sales rep. Whether you are a sales rookie, a sale veteran, a seasoned sales manager, or a CEO you will find value in this book as it takes a practical approach to sales, business, and life.